Acupuncture by Amy Kelly Golden, Metropolice

There’s nothing to fear except pins and needles with this popular Eastern healing practice

If the thought of voluntarily piercing your skin with needles seems more like masochism than relief, you may be missing out on the Eastern healing treatment that’s gaining worldwide popularity.


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice based on the belief that the human body has the power to fix itself. The treatment aims to accelerate the healing process by placing thin needles into the skin to stimulate key points on “meridians.” This is often accompanied by Moxibustion, a complementary treatment that applies heat to acupuncture points.

The overall aim is to restore the flow of chi(気) energy throughout specific pathways of the body and balance the yin and yang. When the flow of chi is blocked, pain and sickness result.


History of EGBOK

Jan 1995: Opened Azabu Oriental Clinic in Azabu.

Apr 2000: Established EGBOK in Roppongi.

Mar 2020:  Redesigned treatment rooms.


Outsourcing Business Experiences

From 1996 till 2002: Contracted by Fuji Xerox Akasaka Headquarters office and run a therapy room for employees.

From 2003 till 2004:  Contracted by Shinjuku Park Hyatt Hotel and run the in-room aesthetic room services.





Acupuncturist: Kaz Shizawa


Your Acupuncturist: Kaz Shizawa, Director & Specialist of Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Shiatsu and Massage.
Languages: Japanese and English    

Nationally licensed since 1994.  After an initial stint at the illustrious Kojimachi Rivers, Kaz was in Charge of the therapy room at a top-rated sport center, the Hiroo Club.  In 1995, he opened the Azabu Oriental therapy Studio in Azabu.  In 2000, EGBOK (Everything’s Gonna Be O.K.) was established in Roppongi. 


Kaz has developed his own traditional shiatsu and acupuncture technique, which has earned him a loyal client base, over 80% of whom are non-Japanese professionals from diverse back grounds.


Treatment is based on the diagnosis by his touch and sensibility is a prerequisite to the basics of massage/acupuncture principle and skill.  Objective diagnoses are important, but the distinguishing factor is his ability to retrieve and feel your ki (energy flow) through his hands and entire body; that is why his hands are very warm during the treatment session.


Japanese National Certified practitioner in: Acupuncture Moxibustion Anma, Massage & Shiatsu