Basic charge

Initial visit fee for acupuncture is ¥1,000.

All prices include tax.


Traditional Acupuncture and Massage


Orient Body Acupuncture (with Moxibustion and Shiatsu Massage)

Acupuncture combined with Shiatsu massage; this is our most popular combination.  Acupuncture is applied to relax the muscles of the whole body, which is then followed by an oil message that melts all stress away.  You will not believe how refreshed you will feel!  We recommend the 90 minutes option for the best results.


(60min) ¥7,000

(90min) ¥11,000

(120min) ¥14,000


(60min) ¥8,000

(90min) ¥12,000

(120min) ¥16,000



Orient (Acupuncture, Moxibustion, and Oil Massage)

Acupuncture combined with oil massage offered by female practitioner. 

Our cancellation policy is applied to all oil massage menu.  For cancellation, please contact us by 9pm the day before, or we will charge 100% of the service fee.


(60min) ¥8,000

(90min) ¥12,000

(120min) ¥15,000


(60min) ¥9,000

(90min) ¥13,000

(120min) ¥17,000



Optional Menuavailable only with Acupuncture treatment

Acupuncture to stop smoking

(one session includes 2 sessions)

Seven extra fine needles will be inserted shallowly in the auricle or ear. This special treatment has had a success rate of more than 80% to stop smoking.  One session is composed of two treatments; the first treatment is 40 minutes, and the second one is 30 minutes.  Right after the treatment, your desire for smoking will be reduced.  If you smoke after the treatment, cigarettes taste so extremely awful that it’ll discourage your appetite for smoking. 

Acupuncture to lose weight


Overeating can be triggered by stress related imbalances in the body. There is an innervation to the brain in the ear.  Needle stimulation to this area affects the feeding center to suppress the appetite. 

Acupuncture for Hay fever

+ ¥2,000 (20 minutes)

One session is composed of two treatments  We charge ¥4,000 for those who want to take this treatment only.

Acupuncture for jet lag syndrome


Before departure or the departing day, small needles placed on the points to reduce and minimize the jet lag.



Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage + Acupuncture

This combination treatment is available in all three trimesters, and can deal with stiff shoulders, swollen arms and legs, and lower back pain. Most definitely give it a try!

Our method of working with the mother lying in the lateral recumbent position protects the baby in the womb. This treatment covers the shoulders, lower back and lower legs. Mothers who suffer from fatigue after delivery or from child rearing can feel at ease and relax. Massages can be safely done even close to the delivery date. Pregnancy massages are particularly popular with our foreign customers, who come to relieve their anxieties, maternity blues, and to relax. Even after delivery, massages can deal with stretch marks.

At our clinic

(60min) ¥10,000

(90min) ¥15,000



Acupuncture for Dogs

Dog + Acupuncture

EGBOK believes the traditional acupuncture treatment will also heal the pains of animals.  Consult with us for our treatment when the western meditation was unable to help remove the pains,


(30min) ¥5,000

The owner needs to hold the dog on the bed during the treatment.  Contact us for more details.