5-minute walk in the Gaien-Higashi Street from the Hibiya Line Roppongi Sta., you will find the AXIS bldg. near by the Iikura-Katamachi intersection. 

There is a sign of EGBOK in front of the French restaurant Bateau.

Turn the right at the corner of the restaurant, you will find our building (next to the Jasmine Thai Bldg.), the 5th from the corner on your left. 

You will find another sign of EGBOK.  This is our salon.

The building has an Italian restaurant, NOZAKI on the first floor, and a charismatic hair salon SHINKA on the second floor.

The entrance is on your left side in the building. 

You will see the sign of BASK, a famous bar for celebrities at the end of your left side.

Press the room 301 at the entrance. 
Please feel free to call us at 03-3586-8909 if you think you are lost.